As a journalist, I’m currently based on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia working for a weekly newspaper, the Coast Reporter. Based in Sechelt and part of Glacier Media, Coast Reporter serves the 30,000 strong community of Langdale to Egmont, reaching 14,000 readers every week.

Previous work has included Northern Pride, a weekly paper serving the Northwest region of Saskatchewan. An independent publication, I worked as a staff reporter and photographer while also beginning the publication’s foray into the world of social media and Internet. I created and managed the website www.northernprideml.com, adding web editor to my list of duties.

I’m a graduate of Langara journalism, British Columbia’s oldest school in the field. As a  young writer, I’m trained in all aspects of modern journalism, from social media, digital photography, design and independent publication to video production, radio and ethics.

I also hold my BA from the University of Victoria in modern western histories.

This website does not reflect the views or opinions of my employers past and present, nor is it intended as anything but a personal publication. </legalese>

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